Waiting For Snow

Did you know that we’re already reaching the end of fall, as dictated by anime release seasons? That’s right, the winter 2013 anime season begins in December and lasts all the way till February of next year! But wait, you cry out. I’m not even done with Sword Art Online, and that was supposed to be a summer anime. How do I manage to keep up with all this backlog? No sane non-hikikomori human being can cope with summer anime and fall anime and still keep up with winter releases at the same time!

But don’t worry. You won’t be grappling with this problem. That’s because there is virtually no anime slated for release in December. Currently the winter 2013 preview list is still small and in its infancy, but all anime have pretty much been slated for a January-or-later release. You can spend your whole December watching ongoing anime and preparing for the reopening of school, if you’re the sort of person who has no life.

As a matter of fact, judging from what I see of winter 2013 releases, you’re better off without them too. There is something about winter anime that just cannot compare to fall anime. It is a recurring pattern I notice, year after year. The winter anime are always such head-scratchers. Case in point, D.Gray-Man was a fall anime. Steins;Gate was a spring anime. Chaos;Head was a fall anime.

I’ll be fair to you guys. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou was a winter anime.

Any point I had been trying to make above has been disproven.

WELL, my entry today is not made for the intent of grumbling (maybe only partly). I shall introduce you to some of the anime that will be coming up next year (barring world apocalypses, naturally). Do note that the list is still currently subject to updates and you should do your own research closer to the date!

1. The sequels

Almost up to half of new anime releases are sequels, due to their guaranteed audience support. The shows that I like usually have no sequels, but I must not make assumptions about my readers. Below is a list of sequels confirmed to air in winter.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Second Season

DC III ~Da Capo III~

Chihayafuru Second Season

Minami-ke Fourth Season

AKB0048 Next Stage

2. The newbies

Way before a new season begins, there are often news about various anime being produced floating about. Some of them may be rumours, whilst others may be pushed back to later season releases. The following are anime that, at the current moment, have signed on to air on Japanese TV.

Savanna Game

I did say, did I not, that there would be no anime releasing in December? Well, this anime is the only point of contention that could rise up to challenge me. Savanna Game was, and still is, slated to air in 2012. However, news of its release started spreading towards the end of 2011. There was even confirmation of it releasing in May or June 2012. Now that the days of 2012 are ticking away, it’s anybody’s guess whether they will fulfill their promise. That said, it has seemingly been confirmed to air either in 2012 or beginning of 2013 so we should expect it to pop in as a winter anime this year.

So what is the plot about? It has, ostensibly, nothing to do with Africa or lions. It is about a Japanese 24-year-old man who receives an anonymous email asking him to join the Savanna Game. The Game is a nation-sanctioned roleplaying killing game to motivate the “inhibited youths” of Japan. And so he decides to join the game with his 2 friends. And they find themselves in bizarre battles spanning a space-time continuum, against dragons and Shinsengumi forces of the shogunate era.

While I confess to be ignorant about Japanese history and shoguns, I’m pretty sure this anime is going to be something closely related to Sword Art Online with a bit of Death Note or Liar Game thrown inside. Or even Hunger Games. Basically the survival-game idea. Searches on the internet for pictures relating to the anime show a guy who certainly looks younger than 24. I’m not sure if there is going to be something different or surprising about this anime, but we’ll see how it goes.

Sasami-san @ Ganbaranai

I’m pretty confused what this anime is about, but it seems to subvert what we know of hikikomoris. Basically it’s about a hikikomori girl named Sasami who is unmotivated to do anything, including changing clothes or eating. Her brother takes care of her and she views the outside world on her computer using a Brother Surveillance Tool thing. And then said brother gets into a romantic complication with 3 sisters outside, who are the Yagami sisters.

Yeahh… not sure what story is supposed to come of this. But hey, it’s not everyday we see a girl hikikomori with a normal brother!

Slated for release January 2013.


Now Senyuu sounds like a pretty cool plot. So one fine day, a hole appears in the world, which happens to be a gateway for demons to appear. And it so happens a millenium ago, the demon king Rukimedesu (now try saying that cutely) was sealed away by the hero Kureashion (now I swear this is just a stylistic way to say Creation!). And so the current king fears Rukimedesu will return, and so the descendants of the hero have to come together and slay the threat! 75 hopefuls show up (Kureashion must’ve really gotten around to get so many descendants) and this story centres on Hero Number 45 and a sadistic palace warrior as they team up and go on an adventure.

It sounds kinda nice, doesn’t it? Well think again when you see the pictures. The art style reminds me of Monster Allergy, which means it screams Children’s Show in capital letters. And it has a stupid green cat. No-no.

Slated for release January 2013.

Vividred Operation

I don’t know whether this anime wants to take itself seriously. The preview is basically a cross between a magical girl anime and a science fiction setting. There are 5 girls who each represent a colour, and there is an island of nature and an island of artificial technology, and then they dress up in funky metallic clothes and fight. And our female lead is a poor (and by that I mean impoverished) girl who lives with her sister and grandfather.

Apparently the main draw of the show is the director who is also character designer, and he is the guy who did Strike Witches, which by the way is also about girls with machine parts.

But let me tell you what is the genuine surprise for me. The writer of Vividred Operation is Yoshino Hiroyuki, whom you may know as Moe from Bleach, Solf from FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Allelujah/Hallelujah from Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Michael from Tsukihime Lunar Legend and Takumi from Chaos;Head! That’s right, a voice actor!

Slated for release January 2013


Short stories about the lives of high school students. Said high school students are chibi girls. Not sure where this is going.

Slated for release January 2013

Train Hero

A rescue team that handles disasters on the high-speed trains criss-crossing the world! And guess what, they do it Transformers-style! Yep, the trains transform themselves and become heroes to save their fellow train beings. Unfortunately, when previews were released in July 2011, Chinese viewers commented that it was a shot-for-shot knock-off of Hikarian, which is an anime that aired in 2002. Oh well, this one is CGI-enhanced at least.

Slated for release January 2013


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