A Business Proposal

Now the Exalted Salvation used to have great ambitions when she was but a wee lass. She wanted to be an inventor and invent great fantastic machines that would benefit humankind. She wanted to be a philanthropist and donate generously to the development of healthcare and education. And there were also times when she wanted to be an entrepreneur. And because my entrepreneurial dream is related to anime, I shall use today’s entry to talk more about it.

My dream is simple, to create vending machine booths for people to rent anime DVDs. Is it not a bother that television stations never air the anime that you want to watch? And then you must rely on anime video streaming websites, which have a never-ending worry of being shut down for copyright. Or you torrent, and we all know torrents are suspicious. And for long-running series like One Piece, you need an entire hard disk just to store all their episodes.

So why don’t we just set up vending machines for anime littered all around the streets? Basically each disc will contain 1 season — so maybe about 13 episodes or so — and you can rent as many as you want. So basically the plan goes like this.

Everyone interested in renting anime have to set up an account with an account number, and put money into the account. Then when you want to rent anime, you go to the machine, select any number of anime discs you want to rent, and then key in your account number. The machine will assume you are buying the discs for good, so it will deduct the purchase price from your account. You bring your discs home and watch them. The longer you hold on to the discs, the higher you will be charged. Say after a month, you’ve finished watching all the discs. You will go to any machine again and drop the discs back into the slot. It will then refund the change back into your account.

If we find that discs are damaged, we will freeze the purchaser’s account so they cannot use it anymore unless they come down to the headquarters to pay for the damages. And they cannot make new accounts because each account is tagged to their identity card number. How does this system sound?

Of course rental charges cannot be too costly. And the vending machines can also be used to top up money into the account, or people can use online banking to top up.

Initial charge of anime: $20 per disc

2 weeks: $2 (refund $18)

3 weeks: $5 (refund $15)

1 month: $8 (refund $12)

2 months: $10 (refund $10)

3 months: $15 (refund $5)

6 months: $18 (refund $2)

After 6 months, no refund.

So how does that sound to you savvy businesspeople?


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