Otakus and Ota-kuns

So there was this article on Kotaku on 14th December about the differences between male and female otaku. I’ll link the short article here.


I must say that from my experience it does seem right indeed. Hardcore male fans are usually the best sources of revenue, which may explain why majority of Japanese culture is still tailored to men (think full-body blow-up cushions). On the other hand, female fans like me are terribly fussy (and have peculiar fetishes for voice actors). And they didn’t do research on the musical aspect. I think female anime fans are willing to spend more money on music and concerts. At least I am, though maybe this is only a personal preference.

Speaking of personals, let me reflect on my own otaku experience. I can’t say I’m too much of an otaku — I believe there are still more insane ones out there — but first and foremost my love lies in music. If there was a module in NUS for Japanese music I would take it in a heartbeat, but noooo. They have a module for Post-War Japanese Anime and Film, a module for Japanese food, a module for Japanese pop culture, but none on the musical aspect! I recognise anime by their openings (though ever since the flop that was named Ao no Exorcist I have been less enthusiastic to take up anime solely by their openings, but at least Sword Art Online is watchable). And I also get quite eager to watch anime if I know their voice actors. I admit that there are many voice actors I still do not know, and I have not mastered the ability to memorise all voice actors of every anime I watch, but people like Irino Miyu tend to promise a comfortable experience. Even if the anime sucks, at least the voices were not so bad.

But really, I can’t remember any voice actor who was really bad. I’m sure there were some, though, but I’ve forgotten them. Oh but I remember hating Sakamoto Maaya, hehe. She is a great singer but I simply cannot bear her voicing. She was Ciel Phantomhive in Black Butler, Fujioka Haruhi in Ouran High School Host Club and Lunamaria Hawke (as well as Mayu Asuka) in Gundam Seed Destiny. People love her but… I don’t know. Just can’t bear her. But I love her song Loop, which is the first ending of Tsubasa Chronicle. Tsubasa Chronicle may be soppy and all, but it sure does its songs well.

I tend to buy anime merchandise of anime I really like. After watching Natsume Yuujinchou, I have taken to buying cute Nyanko-sensei merchandise, for instance, but it also helps that Nyanko-sensei himself really looks good on merchandise. I still haven’t found cute enough merchandise for things like Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (which lends itself to really few and ugly posters, in my opinion) or Sword Art Online yet. Though perhaps it doesn’t help that SAO is so popular that its merchandise is highly sought after and thus expensive, and I don’t feel enough loyalty for it.

It’s funny I don’t feel particularly keen on having a poster for UVERworld or Flow. Perhaps real people don’t look good on posters, and it’s not like they’re really pretty boys like those Korean fellows. But I really ought to get an anime poster for my door to replace my old D.Gray-Man one. And Koike Teppei posters are nowhere in sight~. If anybody has any recommendations for a beautiful anime poster (of an anime that I have watched before), do point it out to me sometime!


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