Last-Minute Christmas Gifts For The Musically-Inclined

Today is Boxing Day and most of you will probably have blown all your money off buying and exchanging Christmas gifts yesterday or even on Monday. However, suppose you still have some distant friend whom you are meeting these few days, and you feel uncomfortable not offering something — and yet your wallet is screaming at any expense. Well, if your friend is into music, how about recommending something that is free of charge and will give your friend the time of his life at the same time?

I’m talking of smartphone apps.

To be precise, a few weeks ago I downloaded the Anime Radio app for free in my phone. It has lots of internet radio stations playing anime songs 24/7, and not only that, also has a tab for you to get anime-related news from websites of your choice, such as Anime News Network and Crunchyroll. Everytime the app updates, they add more radio stations, so you have a limitless array of choices when you’re sick of listening to your own songs. You can even record the songs as they play to listen to them in the future, and with every song they play, there is the file name handily written at the bottom so you know at once what you are listening to.

Loads of advantages, but of course it has drawbacks. When I am at home, for some reason, the music plays haltingly, much like what happens when you don’t get reception. Sometimes stations lag when you press them. This app takes up quite a bit of battery power as can be expected. And of course sometimes you just never seem to get any of the good songs.

Most people don’t find free gifts good gifts. They lack sincerity if you don’t even need to shell out anything for it, but I think the gift I appreciate most is what I find enjoyable in the long run, and it doesn’t need a price tag attached. Introducing someone to a hobby, for instance, may change their lives and perspectives forever. Sometimes it gets better if money is a separate issue, because money strains relationships and makes people obliged to like the thing they get. If somebody gives you a branded handbag, you are obliged to love it and use it because they spent so much on it, but if it’s something like an app or a lifestyle, you can appraise it without fear of offence.

Among the radio stations they currently have, I like the Otaku Music Radio best. It has tons of songs that I love, such as things by UVERworld and Flow. I’m quite sure there’s more than one anime radio app out there, so do compare them and see which is best. And if there are anime radio stations, I refuse to believe there aren’t apps for other kinds of music. So if somebody is into music and does not care for the random things offered by FM radio, introduce an app to them. In fact, this does not just apply to music. I’m sure there’s an app for almost any interest (for instance, I am very interested in notes and organiser apps to make my life much neater, which is why I downloaded ColorNote, which is Notes and Calendar both in one). Technology is changing the way people live their lives, and the environment isn’t damaged in the process!


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