Apple Bobbing

You know in Halloween when you play apple bobbing? You dip your head in a barrel of water and try to get as many apples out as you can with your teeth. I know this is Christmas and not Halloween, but you can get your chance at apple bobbing… with Apple company, that is.

iTunes is offering a free app for 12 days of free gifts from 26th December to 6th January (so you’ve missed the first 2 days, aw), where everyday they will give you a song, app, book, movie or whatever. It’s like an advent calendar except only for 12 days. According to the comments, their gifts have not been great so far. There was a Rod Stewart Christmas music video. I’m not sure who Rod Stewart is, but it sounds disappointing from what the commenters say. Nonetheless, just like in all advent calendars, the best gifts come in the last few days, so grab this app before it is too late!

Speaking of advents, Serebii offers an advent calendar every year of Pokemon images, wallpapers and games from 1st to 25th December. You may still be able to access them all if you head over now. Most advent events tend to be online now, because it can get troublesome giving things away everyday for 25 days in reality, especially with all the money you will have to spend. Plus, in reality it is difficult to get a good estimate of numbers, so you may well end up with shortages or surpluses, and excess stocks will have to end up in storage or given away for free next year.

If you could have an advent giveaway, what would you want to give away? I’m sure if you were a gamer, you might want to be like Steam, which has a holiday sale where there are good deals on games everyday till 5th January. Or you might even be generous and give out one free game per day. You might be really broke at the end of the day, but isn’t that the Christmas spirit of sharing and caring?

I think what I’d like is a role-playing game with a good story divided into 25 parts, and everyday unlocks a new part for me to play through. During the hols, I’m always looking out for good games to play, but most games get lacklustre and boring after a while. I would love a great interactive role-playing game that involves nice graphics, maybe some cool magic and oh virtual pets! The holidays is the best time to breed adorable virtual pets. However, I haven’t seen anything good ever since Neopets (which I am sick of) and Digis (which is incredibly hard to earn money in). If anybody knows of a good site for me to play with cuddly cute virtual pets, please tell me!

Ah, and visual novels! Free-of-charge visual novels tend to be not as good as paid ones, yet I don’t know what paid visual novels are good. I would love to play a visual novel that is new and compatible on the 3DS, but I’ve no idea if there are any. I know in the distant past there was a game called 999: 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors, which by the way is fantastic. I haven’t played it, but even reading its TVTropes page sent excitement down my spine. But you can’t get that for me now because I know the storyline, ahaha.

But yeah, something new and as good as 999 would be good to know about. Or even an otome sim dating game. Though I’m bad at that and always end up with the bad “you get no one in the end” endings.


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