Who Says You Must Be 60 And A Banker?

The world is changing. The richest and most successful people in the world are no longer the old businessmen or people in the banking and finance industry. Now every industry is breeding young innovative enterprising talents who are making it big in their lives. This might come as encouragement and motivation for some of us, and perhaps also a setback for others — those who have grown accustomed to the idea that thrift and prudence make for wealth may find themselves lagging behind the adventurers of today’s society.

It is no different in the games & apps industry, where arguably the youngest and the boldest may be found. Peruse this Forbes list of 30 under 30, if you please.


By the way, I had no idea Portal is included in the permanent collection of a museum of modern art. Portal? Art? I’m sure GLADos, stirring in her virtual grave now, would be proud of herself.

But look at these video game creators! When we play Borderlands 2, we are feeding into the coffers of people in the same generation as us! And these are people from all over the world — there is a rumour that one of them is an NUS student, and I definitely see at least one Singaporean in there. You don’t have to be American to be famous in the video gaming or app industry. You’ve just got to have a creative and feasible idea, and push it bravely to the world. The world now rewards initiative more than loyalty or temperance. The unhinged people are the ones raking in big bucks and publicity today, don’t you notice?

Maybe this is a call-out to gamers out there. Your interest, long regarded by your parents as a detrimental addiction, can be used to foot your bills! Rather than play games all day, why don’t you design and develop games or programs for other adolescents to drool over? And you don’t even have to develop computer games if you don’t have sufficient programming knowledge. Look at the fans of Magic: The Gathering that have made their way into its design and development teams. Even card games and board games can be trendy and popular if you make it so.

I still think that there is a distinct lack of ladies on that Forbes list. Granted, the ratio of female achievers is low everywhere, but this seems to foster a stereotype that women are not as good at technology. Maybe they’re not, but the tide is turning. Girls have been reported to be top performers in maths and science in school, consistently outperforming boys. Some have said that the main reason girls start to fall behind in maths and science is due to the conception among society that they’re not as good. And so they do not put in as much effort, and it becomes a self-fulfilling statement.

I am pretty bad at maths and pretty okay at science, but I’ve seen girls who are great at both, so I do not believe in the gender divide.

But maybe this entire entry is just a subtle attempt at nudging me towards the pinnacle of greatness. I mean, if other people can do it, so can I, right?


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