X and Y

What is X and Y about? All relevant fans may know that it refers to the newest Pokemon games that have been announced recently, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y! I have seen the trailer, which doesn’t reveal much about any novelty in the games. The legendary Pokemon are pretty beautiful and majestic, but what they represent this time round is a mystery. Does 1 Pokemon represent the horizontal plane of land and the other the vertical plane of air? Really, I can’t think of any new concept not already represented by a legendary Pokemon. We already have a god, a mother of all Pokemon, a Pokemon that formed earth and the other that formed oceans, Pokemon that control emotions. What else is left?

About the legendary Pokemon, I mistook the X and Y at first. I thought the X Pokemon was the bird, since it appeared first and had these X-shaped horns on its head, and the Y Pokemon was the deer since it appeared later and had these Y-shaped antlers. But no, it seems it is the other way around because the bird looks like a Y when its wings are spread out, together with its long tail. And the deer has X’s in its eyes.

Yes, I think my own explanation is more logical too.

Aside from the legendaries, I also got to see the starter Pokemon. They are, well, within expectations I suppose. The Grass-type looks like a Normal-type Pokemon masquerading as a Grass Pokemon, with that disguise on its head. The fox admittedly looks adorable, but I would prefer Vulpix over it. And the frog looks so much like a Neopet. I think I would pick the fox over the others based on initial appearance, but I do continue to think that the starters are getting below par. I miss the old days of Treecko/Torchic/Mudkip, my favourite generation of starters. But at least the fox isn’t expected to evolve into a Fighting Pokemon anytime soon.

Also, another note that Froakie is a pretty lame name for a starter. But Fennekin is nice! I approve of that at least.

At the moment, there has been no other information aside from these 5 Pokemon. As for the game itself, it will be on the 3DS and perfectly 3-D, hooray! I must say I look forward to seeing the 3-D effects. Then again, before Pokemon XY, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity will have been released (it is slated for 24th March) on 3DS and I will probably have gotten used to the 3-D. I hope it’s good. I tried playing the Sims 3 on the 3DS and it was an unpleasant and headache-inducing experience. Thank goodness for the 3-D slider to keep us sane and locked in the 2-D world from time to time.

Speaking of Gates To Infinity, I am rather looking forward to that. Mystery Dungeon has been my favourite Pokemon games so far, surpassing the main games. They have a superior storyline compared to the main games, even after the revolutionary N saga of Black/White, and I love the idea of being a Pokemon based on my personality. I’m not sure if this edition of Mystery Dungeon matches people to a Pokemon based on a personality quiz, or we get to choose the Pokemon on our own, but I do hope it is the former. Back in Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, I remember they said I had a sassy nature and made me a Totodile.

But well, Pokemon seems to be churning out new games at the same speed as ever before. I am still waiting for that Ruby/Sapphire remake, probably on the 3DS, where I get to play my favourite generation all over again (though HeartGold/SoulSilver remain my favourite main games). Some part of me dearly wishes Nintendo could stop milking this franchise and squeezing it dry, but I suppose another part of me is used to this influx of new Pokemon every 2 years and I probably would not know what to do if Pokemon ever stopped coming. Such is the dilemma of a fan.


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