The Techno-phile

I must say that ever since I bought my handphone (a Samsung Galaxy Mini 2), I have been quite interested in the technological products out there. My Samsung Galaxy was a relatively new phone, released only a few weeks prior to my purchase, and it was also offered as a promotion, though I’ve forgotten what promotion it was precisely. Either way, I really like new things, and I’m also really happy with my phone, even though it is an entry-level smartphone. Perhaps in the future I will evolve it into a more acceptable smartphone, though price is always a factor with me. And I’d rather get a new cheap phone than an older, more expensive phone.

But I only got my phone in May last year, so I probably won’t be changing it anytime soon. On the other hand, my laptop is beginning to look very old… I had it back in 2010, I believe, so it’s been nearly 3 years, and the keys on my keyboard are losing their lettering. When my parents use the laptop, they can’t see which letters are which, and typing becomes really hard for them.

Then again, I’ve been looking around the laptops in shops and it seems all of them are still working on Windows 7, which is my current operating system. I don’t want to get a new laptop that works on Windows 7, only to have everyone use Windows 8 shortly after. Plus, as I said, I like new stuff. I don’t want to use the same OS again.

I wonder what brands I shall try in the future. I’d prefer not to use the same brands I did before, which is easy for laptops since I’ve only used Gateway and Lenovo, I think. Whereas for the handphone, I’ve tried Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung. That pretty much sums up all the phone brands around.

When it comes to preferences, I like when the appearance is special — therefore no Apple products for me, or Samsung Galaxy [big phones] (S3 and Note, that is) for that matter. With the current trend towards these 2 brands, though, I wonder if there are still phones like my S6500 being produced in the future. After all, it seems as if any phone that’s not one of the trendy brands won’t sell much. It might be a losing business to make entry-level smartphones. At least with laptops, aside from the suddenly cool Macbooks, there is still some more variety to be had.

I really like my Lenovo laptop. It has a wide screen, a sleek black look and is simply great. It’s getting old now though, and riddled with errors. I hope I can get a laptop like this Lenovo, though maybe one that is lighter since I’m bringing my laptop to school more often. But no, not a Macbook. I can hear voices at my ears now muttering “Apple, Apple, Apple” over and over again.

But no kidding. What brands/kinds of handphones and laptops do you recommend?


My Dream Destinations

Sorry for the late entry; I was taken badly ill yesterday and currently I still have a bitter sickly taste in my mouth and a strange dizziness. But ah, I mustn’t let that spoil the mood of this entry. I shall try to cheer myself up today by thinking of the places that I want to go to in the future. I’m not entirely a big fan of travel, because travel sometimes brings with it great inconveniences (such as uncomfortable aeroplane rides), but I think the best part of travel is taking a holiday from school or work and mundane life in general, and seeing new sights and trying out new places.

I think I’m a city person, and by that I mean I’m not very fascinated by scenery or country life. I’m not sure, really, what fascinates me. Probably fun stuff, I suppose, like amusement parks, as mentioned last week. In any case, here are the cities that pop into my head offhand.

1. Tokyo

But of course, Tokyo. The centre of urban life and where all the fun in Japan happens. Tokyo has hi-tech robots, maid cafes, anime paradises and diagonal pedestrian crossings, not to mention really cute and unique fashion. I must say the other parts of Japan are really boring places, full of rich culture and heritage no doubt (but think about it, they fought us in World War II! Who cares about their history?), but I’ve been to Hokkaido and their TV programmes are extremely dull and limited. Sure, they’ve got good food, but when it comes to variety Tokyo still takes the cake.

2. New York City

I told you I was a city-dweller. I’d love to visit America someday, and there’s nowhere better than rocking NYC. Admittedly I don’t know much about the United States on the whole, so New York City was a pretty arbitrary choice. But the Big Apple apparently houses great tourist attractions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rockefeller Centre (which is a collection of great buildings) and seasonal parades such as the one for Halloween and for Thanksgiving. It should be awesome looking at the people in there!

3. Norway

I put Norway as a country rather than a city because I really don’t know what cities exist in Norway, oh dear. But I do want to go there. After all the heart-pumping adrenaline-charged action in Tokyo and New York City, Norway would be a relaxing change of pace. Plus, Norway has been ranked first many times for being the happiest, least stressful and best country to live in, I believe, so I’m sure it’ll be worth it to take a look at what goes on inside there. Besides, I believe Roald Dahl was Norwegian. He came from Oslo. Ah yes, Oslo, the capital city! But yes, Norway sounds like a great place to visit to learn about Scandinavian culture and find out just why everyone in there is so cool.

4. Paris

Ah, Paris. The ideal honeymoon location. While breathing in the romantic air is one of the reasons I want to visit France (by the way, did you know that the French don’t bathe very often, which explains why they invent the best perfumes?), I also want to visit it mainly to put the little French that I learned into practice. There’s no point learning the French language and culture when you’re not going to visit the place itself. And so I should go to Paris, if it’s just to experience life over there.

5. Sydney

The only reason I want to go to Australia is to hear the Australian accent again. It tickles me everytime.