Shipping Inc

Oh no, we’re not talking about ports and transportation by sea today. For people well-versed in the world of fandom, you’d know that shipping means pairing together 2 characters in a show that aren’t explicitly paired by the story itself (so this excludes canon couples like Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in Twilight). For those who aren’t so well-versed, well, you know now.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and we anime freaks are no strangers to love, in this case love between 2 anime characters. I shall spend today ruminating about my favourite anime couples. Now in no particular order except the  order which I remember them…

1. Lenalee x Lavi

Ah, D.Gray-Man! The hotbed of shipping, where bishounen abound and there is this female character everyone loves and she’s friendly with all the guys and is practically crying out, “ship me!” Lenalee Lee of D.Gray-Man has a strange charm that many female leads in other anime simply lack. Nobody can vocalise precisely what is so likeable about her, but maybe she’s just normal. And normal is a strength in an anime industry that cannot resist adding lustrous boobs, tsundere or over-excitable personalities, and a “is so weak she needs a man to save her everytime” trait. Nope, Lenalee has perfectly normal breasts (and she wears an acceptably conservative uniform… until Season 3), a perfectly normal personality and she can totally hold her own in battles. In fact, I love how she kicks ass literally with those boots.

She’s like Asuna, except cooler somehow. Maybe because she wasn’t raped.

Okay okay, maybe you can see her thighs and part of her butt a lot. But compare her to people like Meer in Gundam Seed Destiny!

ANYWAY, the show remotely hints at several pairings but doesn’t go explicit with any one, so we get Allen x Lenalee, Kanda x Lenalee and Lavi x Lenalee. I support Lavi x Lenalee! Allen should totally go be with Kanda, or Road, or something.

I love Lavi! This picture doesn’t do him enough justice but yes he should totally be with Lenalee. Before I dissolve into fangirl ravings, Lavi is this stereotypical happy-go-lucky guy with a dark secret, but stereotypes don’t matter when he has an awesome hammer. I don’t know, D.Gray-Man has like the best weapons in Lenalee’s boots and Lavi’s hammer. And no one plays a hotter happy-go-lucky guy than Suzumura Kenichi.

2. Okabe x Ruka

Frankly I couldn’t think of any other pairing offhand aside from the Lenalee and Lavi one, mainly because I’m not a hobby shipper, but my yaoi instincts kicked in then and I couldn’t resist adding the Okabe x Ruka pairing from Steins;Gate. Okabe Rintarou is the male lead of Steins;Gate, who does eventually quite clearly end up with Makise Kurisu in the end, and Ruka is the transsexual of the anime, who is a guy who looks like a girl. By the way, Ruka is a lot better than that weird transsexual in Cuticle Detective Inaba. That weird transsexual was just weird, but Ruka shows that everybody has feelings, regardless of how different they are from societal norms. And Ruka’s sweet affection for Okabe is just too touching.

And Ruka is just way cuter anyway.

There’re a few more great couples I’d love to include, but I think you guys are already eager to start your own anime shipping activity. As otakus with no life, I’m sure we have plenty of time to analyse the relationships of every anime we watch, so let’s get cracking!


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