The Nyanko-Sensei Show

For today, I shall indulge in desperate ravings of my favourite cutest anime character ever.

Nyanko-sensei! As you may be able to see from the picture, Nyanko-sensei is a cat (a demon trapped in the body of a Maneki Neko, to be precise) and he’s the star of the 4-season show Natsume Yuujinchou. I assure you that he’s the sole indisputable reason why the series even went on for 4 seasons.

I know, I’m spamming large pictures and making my entry quite unreadable, but he’s simply perfectly adorable! Voiced by Inoue Kazuhiko, whom some of you may know as Joe from Cyborg 009, Kakashi from Naruto or Jerrid Messa in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, he sounds even better than Meowth. Well, on par with Meowth anyway. I’m not sure if Meowth sounds like you’d want to pat him, but Nyanko-sensei definitely has a “come love me even though I hate it” aura to him. It’s a complex aura, but you’ll understand when you watch the show.

And the best part, of course, is that he transforms into an awesome demon beast when fighting!

I think, really, that this is part of Nyanko-sensei’s charm too. He’s cute and does all sorts of cute kitty things in a cute kitty voice and seems harmless and everything, yet when you’re in danger he can turn into a ferocious monster to protect you! Isn’t that everyone’s dream pet?

Oh, one other irresistible appealing quality to Nyanko-sensei is what a terrible person he is. He’s always going on about how great he is and how all other demons should fear him, and that Natsume should stop wasting his time helping those lesser demons. He’s the source of most of the humour in the show, with how often he quarrels with Natsume. Oh, and he loves to eat cuttlefish and buns, as well as drink sake. Never seen a drunk cat before? Well, you will get to do so very often, for he seems to be an alcoholic. Though somehow it never retards his mind and motions. Must be a demon immunity thing!

Natsume Yuujinchou gachapon is the only gachapon I’ll ever spend money on. Whenever I think of anime merchandise, my mind leaps to that of Nyanko-sensei (though I really do need another anime poster for my bedroom door, no matter which anime it comes from). By the way, the following image is a true shot from the show. No Photoshop added!

Look at the proportions of the cat! His tiny paw, his fat bottom, the round tail. And even the colours too. Orange and white tend to make a cute colour combination, or at least, that’s what Hamtaro has told us. Nyanko-sensei is really quite simple to draw (though maybe genuine artists may object to that) but each stroke adds such life to his form. His unblinking, intelligent eyes are just made up of 2 strokes with a full black slit. No need to pay attention to lighting or iris shades. And yet he is so distinctive that no matter who copies it, everyone can tell at a glance even without watching the show that he is Nyanko-sensei (or at least that they’ve seen him before somewhere).

Alright, I shall end my fangirl ranting here. Stay tuned for more serious aspects of anime again in the following Tuesday entries!


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