A la Mode

France is a country renowned for many things. Its food is of course recognised worldwide, as well as its fashion (haute couture did originate in Paris after all). It is also known for having a romantic populace who don’t bathe very much. France has the Eiffel Tower, and below the Eiffel Tower is either an artist playing the violin or a couple kissing. That’s how my imagery of France goes. And everyone loves to be able to speak French because even the language sounds otherworldly and passionate!

Yeah, France is really a paradise for tourists. You get to experience true Europe in all its splendour, down to the bit about the exotic language. And I happen to feel rather girlish right now so maybe I shall talk a bit about fashion in relation to France!

I’m not really a fashionista, and I’m certainly not a fashion diva who goes for costly branded goods. However! My favourite boutique is Cache Cache, and it is French. So maybe I’ve a discerning eye for fashion after all! My next-favourite is Cotton On, though, which is a store for more bargain-level prices. And Cache Cache is far from being on the same level as Chanel or Givenchy. It’s more of a brand for the common public, but it’s in line with how I define fashion is. I think fashion is something that majority of the public wear and recognise as stylish. And so more people don Cache Cache styles than Vuitton, and therefore Cache Cache’s more fashionable!

Obviously my definition doesn’t work out very well.

In any case, Paris is indisputably the powerhouse of fashion, one of the great fashion cities together with London, Milan and New York City. In fact, the headquarters of fashion houses are physically located in Paris! And twice a year, the much anticipated Paris Fashion Week will take place, which is an apparel trade show featuring the great spring/summer as well as autumn/winter releases by top fashion brands, to give a preview of what they’re up to and also generate sales. Dates are determined by the French Fashion Federation, but the 4 fashion weeks will always take place in this order: New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and finally the Paris one. I wish I could go visit one of these before I die, just to fulfill that mysterious womanly urge within me~.

And not only that, there are also separate shows for Ready-To-Wear, Men’s and Haute Couture. I’d love to see all the best models lined up for this as well.

I think what I love most about fashion is the Colour of the Year each year. The colour this year, as dictated by Pantone, is emerald. My favourite green! I shall actively try to wear more emerald get-ups, or get emerald things, to reflect the theme of this year.

But of course, France has many fabulous surprises aside from its fashion. Its people I’ve heard are very snobbish and sometimes say queer things to foreigners just to laugh at them, but the train stations are beautiful and the music is always so slow and relaxing. And you simply have to catch a French film or two — preferably with subtitles — because they depict a perspective of life that can be stunningly different from Hollywood.


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