Anime Girls

Maybe it comes from watching Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai, but it seems that I’ve been unlucky enough to be watching anime with a lot of fanservice lately.

This, by the way, is real footage from Oretachi (you can see the authentic logo at the top). It’s the image that appears before the commercial break. The whole anime is peppered with such panty shots.

This comes from Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru sou desu yo? The rabbit ears are genuine, because Black Rabbit is really a rabbit girl person. But yes, they have a hot tub scene for girls.

Yeah this is from Sword Art Online, where Asuna undressed thinking Kirito wanted sex, and found out for the first time that he was actually asexual. But no doubt the studio knew the male audiences weren’t. How the heck does a computer game allow people to undress for sex into such lacy lingerie anyway? This totally surpasses anything people do in MMOs.

This comes from K. Seriously. Wtf. They didn’t bother giving her clothes for quite a few episodes, all in the excuse of “she’s a cat”.

After witnessing many such anime atrocities (or pleasantries), you may notice that 3 of the 4 anime above are mainstream, popular (SAO is wildly popular, and so was K) and of a serious genre. Granted, Oretachi may have been a parody of pantyshot anime, so I’ll leave it out of the comparison. But yeah, those 3 anime were also made in 2012 and 2013. This means that in recent years, a large chunk of the anime audience will be watching such productions and regarding such scenes of extreme nudity as “normal”. Heck, if those had been real people the ratings of the anime would have shot up to M18. But I highly suspect people much younger than 18 years of age are watching these things too.

The enlargement of female breasts has been an element of anime, and even cartoons, for years and years. Gainax especially is popular for its near-ridiculous drawing of breasts, making them basically as large as cannons. As sketches became more sophisticated, breasts began to shrink to a more realistic size, but perhaps because they became so much more realistic that they also became more provocative when revealed. I mean, staring at two bare balloons probably doesn’t incite as much reaction from a man as appropriately-sized breasts poking out of a lacy bra, or a girl shyly cupping her exposed nipples… but I don’t know. To me it looks like men are turned on by anything.

I’m starting to get very negatively distracted by the boob action in recent years though. Voluptuous breasts are one thing, but to make such obvious fanservice such as stripping in the middle of war against an enemy country, or to discuss serious affairs in a hot tub, is just too much. If you want to show off your animation skills in that area, do it in a separate episode. Call it a gag episode. I’m sure you’ll have many fans. Just don’t destroy the plot for me.

It’s funny how breasts in anime have reached the stage where it is almost impossible for human women to mimic. The breasts are apparently rubbery, squishy, erect, yet able to bump people when needed. Breasts become like objects of their own, separate from the body of their owner. I wonder how majority of the ladies will ever expect to reach such an optimal level of breast control.

Guys, are you sure you’re still chasing after the same thing? I’m quite sure those flexible balls you see on the screen aren’t breasts anymore.


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