Big Bang Theory

I know most people now will think that I’m going to write about Big Bang, that South Korean band. But I’m not sure if you realise that Big Bang is one of the most common names in the entertainment industry, meaning it’s used in all kinds of contexts. It’s the name of 3 bands (the other 2 being Norwegian and British), 10 albums and 4 songs. Outside of music, it’s the name of 4 films and 1 TV series. We’re going to explore a TV series today that has Big Bang in its name, which you may have guessed in this title. It’s Big Bang Theory, the sitcom of 2007 that’s still ongoing in its sixth season now.

Now I wish to make some clarifications before I proceed. First of all, I know this has nothing to do with music. However, I think blogs should once in a while have content that surprise their readers (and also their writers) and music and TV both cover the entertainment industry. Although I’ll still write mainly music-centric entries, I shall allow myself to skirt into entertainment territory once in a while. Secondly, I don’t love this show. I especially chose Big Bang Theory because it’s a show I’ve no particular fangirlish attachment with. I’ve only watched a few episodes and as a newcomer, I shall impart my newcomer opinion to anybody who may wish to start watching the show as well. It’s as valid a perspective as any other.

So to move into the show proper. Big Bang Theory is about a bunch of male geeks, from what I can see, and the highlight of the show is on the Greatest Geek, who’s some guy who borders on Aspergers Syndrome, Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon has high IQ and many qualifications in physics, but also displays the stereotypical traits of being boring, having an obsession with neatness and also no human empathy. I can see how comedies like Big Bang Theory work, because Sheldon acts essentially like ALF. He says things nobody would ever dare to say, but when we think about what he says, we find it funny because they make so much sense.

Aside from Sheldon, one interesting part about the show is its episode names. They include names such as “The Big Bran Hypothesis”, “The Panty Pinata Polarisation” and most recently, “The Tenure Turbulence”. Just like ALF, episode names aren’t released in full sight, but when one looks them up one realises they probably serve the purpose of giving scriptwriters a laugh. These episode names sound a lot like the ones in Steins;Gate, which also produced humourous effects. And I guess the idea of a crazy scientist character with no social skills is amusing because they’re so matter-of-fact and so unaffected by the trappings of society, and we wish so much to be like them.

The song’s pretty peppy, but not something you’d be singing out in the streets. Just like in many other comedies, there tends to be a main storyline in the episode, but with a B-side story, usually in the prologue before the song starts, and sometimes also returning to it in the last part before the credits play. B-side stories tend to contain the most humour in one scene without a long-drawn tale, and sometimes people remember the jokes during the B-side segments more than the ones in the main A-side themselves. Big Bang Theory has a memorable B-side, such as the one about Spiderman. Its jokes are quite good in general, so I would recommend it to you guys.

Perhaps, being a subjective fan of ALF, one thing Big Bang Theory could do better is introduce a bit more warmth into the story. Sheldon’s kinda a jerk, but none of the characters are any much better. Of course, the USA is mainly about individualism, but I do miss the 80’s feeling of ALF where people genuinely cared about each other. I should watch more episodes where Sheldon does something out of a selfless cause, even for once.


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