It’s An Appy, Appy Day

I see that many tech magazines nowadays are talking about the top ten best mobile apps, that kind of thing. While I’m not an app guru, I do use a few apps. I’ve already talked about the Anime Music Radio app in a previous Wednesday entry, but today I shall delve more into some apps that seem pretty good that most of you may not know about.

1. ColorNote

I believe ColorNote’s the most used app I have in my handphone. It’s a calendar and Memo rolled into one. Basically there’re 2 pages in the app, the ColorNote and the Calendar. In ColorNote, you can create a Text note or a Checklist. In Checklists, you indicate each row of tasks you must do, and as you’re done with each of them, you can choose to cross them off till the entire checklist is crossed out. In the Calendar, you can make Text and Checklist notes on specific dates too. The best part about this is that you get to choose to colour each note in 1 of 9 colours, so your tasks are colour-coded for convenience. You can even arrange them according to colour, so that notes of the same colour and category are placed together. To someone like me, who needs hundreds of notes everyday, ColorNote is a godsend. To businesspeople or busy students, this is useful for you!

2. Doodle Jump

I don’t really have games on my phone. I’m not very much into casual games, such as Candy Crush. I tried downloading a free-of-charge dating sim once but it was a bit laggy and complex. However, my friend does have a game that looks cute and may appeal to bored people who want to try something different. This game is known as Doodle Jump and basically it involves the player character who’s constantly jumping up steps. There’re many steps, some of which have springs or items and others have monsters, and you must steer the character by turning your phone left or right. I know, a no-brainer game, but the graphics are cute.

3. Kingsoft Office

I’m such a businesswoman at heart, and Kingsoft Office is one of those apps that help me. But it really helps everyone too. It can open Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF files etcetera on your phone, and also stores them so that in the future you can refer to them more easily. You can also write such files on your phone too, and I hear it makes writing Excel spreadsheets quite convenient on the phone. I like that with Kingsoft Office, I no longer must find those email attachments that I opened and downloaded, and which seemed to disappear after 1 read.

4. Blue Skies Free Wallpaper

You can see that I obviously don’t have much exposure to apps, but Blue Skies Free is worth a mention on its own. I’d been searching for a good wallpaper for months before I located Blue Skies, the only one to fit my bill so far. It depicts moving through a blue sky, with clouds underneath you and even a sun whose position changes according to the time. It feels like you’re cruising in the air on that car owned by the Weasleys whose name I forgot. All your widgets look good in the blue-and-white background and it gives you such a peaceful feeling. Oh, and when you swipe the page on your phone, the cloud positions change too, as if you’re really turning away from them! I love that when you open your Applications, the background turns darker and resembles a stormy sky.

Well, these are the 4 less common apps that I have and really like and want to recommend you. I think they’re quite useful, but your needs may naturally differ.


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