Beat The Baybeats

The Esplanade in Singapore organises an annual large-scale musical gig known as Baybeats. It lasts 3 days and showcases local bands and is drummed up to be really hip and happening and a party for youngsters. This year’s Baybeats is held from 28th to 30th June, quite a long way away. I’m definitely not going to be there, because I frankly don’t like local music enough, but it’s quite interesting for music and concert lovers, especially the hype they’re generating.

Not only are they auditioning for bands to perform, they’re also recruiting gig photographers, music journalists, entrepreneurs to set up booths to sell their wares, and emcees as well. If you’re a teenager looking for a chance to make your big break and finally show the world that your talents are worth something, Baybeats is a large event that’ll look good on your testimonial.

In a way, I wish I were interested. I wish I loved journalism, and music, and emceeing or business, enough to take a stab at Baybeats. Sometimes it can be stressful, I’d imagine, for somebody to have no interests at all. For someone to have no passion for anything that they can spend their time on. Sure, you get more time and less stress this way, just staying at home and doing what you’re supposed to. I’m sure anybody would rather stay at home sometimes, or have the freedom to go out wherever they want, whenever they want, to relax, chill out, have fun, play. No need to put in continuous effort and fear failure. No need for commitment. No need to worry about falling sick and being unable to continue working.

On the other hand, as a child I’ve experienced what it’s like not to be involved in anything, and I wasn’t much happier than the involved and committed kids. I could go home on time everyday, but I couldn’t experience the delight of doing so. Going home early meant nothing to me, whereas it’d mean a great deal of relief to other people. Most importantly, I didn’t feel important. I didn’t have many friends, and I didn’t know where my talents lay — or if I had any abilities at all. In short, without challenges, one only feels incompetent. So Baybeats is a project that really builds competence into people. I guess the cliched phrase of “character building and development” really comes true here. What these stuff do is shape attitudes, be it towards life, work or self.

In any case, the line-up for bands hasn’t come up yet. I can be sure they’ll be singing in English, and banging lots of instruments around. There’ll be loads of rock music, but nothing like the kind I’m used to. Simply put, nothing for me to see there. But who knows, maybe I’ll simply hang around to soak up the atmosphere. The atmosphere, after all, is the main feature of any large-scale public event. And maybe I’ll be able to withstand a few minutes of loud drumming in my ears too.


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