Anime Peeves

Anime is at most times a caricature of human life, but there’re certain people that appear in anime that still irk the hell out of one, even if they aren’t accurate portrayals of real people. There’re a few prominent anime characters and archetypes that I do dislike.

1. The hentai

In today’s modern-day anime, it’s hard to identify people who are not hentai, and those who do not exhibit lusty actions are ridiculed, such as *coughcoughKiritocough*. That said, I still dislike anime characters who express hentai thoughts or actions, whether male or female. When it comes to male anime characters, they proudly talk about their female counterparts in revealing situations (such as Shiroyasha and Izayoi in Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara kuru sou desu yo), or they do weird stuff like try to look under girls’ skirts (such as Izayoi again, as well as some perverted camera-toting geek in Baka to Test). For the females, they pretend to be (or maybe truly are) extremely innocent and also extremely affectionate, rubbing themselves against men with no cheek. Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa nai sure had a few girls who were a bit too enthusiastic with their guys.

It’s alright to see one or two of these from time to time, but they certainly ruin any respectability if the show is trying to be serious.

2. The uncaring dude/ tsundere

I admit, these characters are the main charm of an anime, but they’ll never ever become my favourite character, or even belong to my list of people I remotely like. Such uncaring dudes and tsundere girls are everywhere, from Kanda in D.Gray-Man to Victorique in Gosick. These people make an anime lively, because they tend to be cold sociopaths and have great problem-solving skills. They’re often the ones people rely on to provide a solution to problems, simply because they’re so introverted and intelligent enough not to get involved in interpersonal problems.

Usually such people have their own painful pasts, but I’m not very interested in them because I’m not  keen on antisocial people, even in reality. Yes, believe it.

3. The Mary Sue

There’re people who’re perfect, and there’re people who’re stereotypically perfect. Perfect people are like Allen Walker in D.Gray-Man, who’s a nice guy and also a powerful Exorcist, not to mention cute and all. Stereotypically perfect people are like Kirito, who simply has too many good things going for him that it’s impossible. There wasn’t even a canon reason to explain why he’s great at judo, school and computer gaming, and can effortlessly get the greatest luck with girls, duelling, and even coincidences in general. And he doesn’t even know himself! He just gets through everything without so much as a challenge, and finishes off with a naughty grin and talks about something else altogether. All in a day’s work, being the hero protagonist, you know.

Perfect characters are people who have great personality traits and are outstanding because they earned it, and that bad things do happen to them, but they either get over them with willpower and hard work, or learn from them. Not steamroll them like a bulldozer.

So these are the 3 top anime archetypes that describe the kinds of people I hate. What are your most hated anime characters and why?


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