Technology, As Portrayed

I don’t usually remember TV shows or movies by scenes. I remember them by arcs, such as the arc of ZONE in Trick 2, or by lines, such as   “el psy congroo” in Steins;Gate. I don’t know the full definition of “scene”, but if they include arcs and lines, then yes, I’m on the right track writing this, for today I’ll be talking about my favourite TV and movie scenes that relate to technology.

1. The music video before YouTube

This is definitely one of the most momentous scenes of ALF.

“You’re the one that’s out of this world, sweet baby!”

ALF has been the predecessor of many modern memes, from “Michael Jackson’s 99th nose job” to his shrewd and accurate assessment of presidential debates. However, nothing is more entertaining than his rock music video parodying many of the era’s coolest musicians. And the song is catchy. And there’re special effects that wouldn’t look out of place on a YouTube video or Powerpoint presentation today. I would link you the video, but I think it’s much better if you watched the entire episode, so if you’re interested, both the music video and the entire episode are available on YouTube.

2. The extension plug

Wreck-It Ralph is a great show because it reminds us of the old merry days of pixellated arcade games, and because it manages to account for everything that happens in reality in the perspective of game characters, such as the Out of Order sign pasted on the arcade machine’s screen, or the “mystery solved” when Ralph saw Vanellope’s picture at the side of the machine. The fun of the movie is not in portraying the game characters like humans (DreamWorks does it too well) but in changing their environment to match the perspective of the characters. It’s not in moulding game characters to be like real humans, but in moulding real life to be like a game world.

And one thing I love most is the extension plug, which is what the movie calls Game Central, I believe. When the arcade closes and game machines shut down for the night, the game characters follow the wire to the extension plug which connects all the machines together, and chill out with everybody else at the integrated lounge! I was so impressed by the creativity. I had never thought of it that way, that the extension plug becomes the meeting spot for all game machines, and entering a game is like following one of many tunnels out. It’s genius!

3. Iru-O

There’re many futuristic anime nowadays with hi-tech devices that do all sorts of stuff. There’s Sword Art Online’s NervGear and Psycho-Pass’ Sybil system, but the technology I most want to have is undoubtedly Robotics;Notes’ Iru-O. Iru-O is like a DS, except when you hold it up, it takes on augmented reality. You can have your personal butler (I’m salivating right here) standing at the screen, interacting with objects in real life right in front of you. In fact, Iru-O even lets you see something completely different, such as a window growing curtains where none actually exist. I can visualise the world in the way I want, with a bishounen by my side, talking to me all the time! I’ll never be lonely or scared again, with my handy handheld gadget, complete with its own personality!

This isn’t much of a TV scene, but an entire concept surrounding technology that I love.


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