Strangest People

Psychology is the study of human beings, and I think most of us would agree that our strangest experiences in our lives tend to be people-related. Whether we met a psychotic stranger on the train, or have one of the weirdest colleagues, all of us have an experience or two to share about mentally inexplicable people. I can remember a few people offhand about my strangest people experiences, so let me relate my anecdotes.

1. The “do you like rape videos” boy

When I was nine years old, my parents decided I should learn the abacus. The abacus had been a hot fad at the time, and I remember in Maths lessons in school some time had been dedicated to the abacus. What they taught in school was pretty basic too, just addition and subtraction. In my abacus class outside the teacher taught me multiplication. It was by no means fun, but I guess it’s good to know you used to know how to multiply on the abacus. I’ve forgotten all of that now though.

What I did not forget was the time when my abacus teacher didn’t arrive to class, and I was put in another class temporarily. The boy sitting beside me was also about my age, I believe, and he was the most grotesque-looking boy ever. I came from a girls’ school, so boys were the source of fear for me. And during class, the boy kept turning around to me and asking, “Do you like watching rape or molest videos?”

I was freaked out. Rape and molest were like terrible terms to me, and to hear somebody say them like this was terrifying. And he went on to say, ” yes means no and no means yes!”

So I squealed, “No!” And he was like “aha, that means yes! Gosh, you love rape and molest! Wahahahahaa.”

Yes, he was that hideous.

He would turn around to some people and tell them that I liked rape and molest. I never bothered to turn around to look at them, because I was scared stiff. I wished time would fly and I could go home and never need to face that boy ever again.

Thankfully I never did see him again, but he was still firmly imprinted in my juvenile mind.

2. The girl with too many lives

I had a “best friend” in primary school, at about Primary 4 and 5 especially. She was my “best friend” in inverted commas because we didn’t acknowledge each other as “best friends”, but “stick through thick and thin buddies”. Either way, she was an interesting character. I do think I meet many interesting people in my life, which turn me into the interesting person I am today. Anyway, I haven’t begun to tell you the strange part about her.

If you ask me for any info about her, I would not be able to tell you. It’s not that I know nothing about her, but rather that I know too much, and all that I know are highly contradictory. She can say the most absurd lies about herself, such as her address, or the marital status of her parents, or whether she has any siblings. We can never be sure of anything about her. I don’t mind a compulsive liar for a friend, but it seems after she got into secondary school she got into trances and spoke in strange tongues, which is definitely a step higher than what I’m used to.

I also know another girl who loved to lie about herself. I think there’re many girls who lie about themselves to seek attention. Either way, this is the extent of strange people I know offhand (I do think there’re others whom I’ve forgotten). What about you?


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