No One Was Really There For The Cars

They say the Singapore F1 Grand Prix race track was one of the least entertaining ones in the world.

Because Singapore was such a small place, the track just basically curved around and around, leaving barely any space for cars to really overtake each other at crucial points of the circuit.

But really, I bet more than half of the spectators at the 2013 Grand Prix held from 20th to 23rd September couldn’t care less about the race. They were there to see the performers, who were as showy as expected. We had the heart-melter Justin Bieber, we had Big Bang, Rihanna, Owl City, The Killers, and various other artistes from other parts of the world that I totally don’t recognise. Kudos also go to Singaporean bands such as The Great Spy Experiment and The Sam Willows. If even I know who they are, they’ve got to be something.

But of course you know I wasn’t paid to write any of these, so I’m not going to sugar-coat these fellows anymore. Not saying that I’m not open to sponsorships, of course. I mean, I’d love to have been there, but no I was at home instead, probably watching TV or using the computer at the time. I have school as a legit excuse.

And really, I don’t think I’d have enjoyed the event, really. I hate staying out at night, in bright, crowded, noisy surroundings, watching specks zoom dizzyingly around me. I hate listening to bands ripping my eardrums out with music I don’t recognise. I hate being without my bolster. And so I would never have been caught dead at Marina Bay during that time.

What I find interesting was that Justin Bieber’s appearance seems to have sparked off some local Bieber-hate again. Justin Bieber, together with our old pal Twilight, are the object of pop hate in the entertainment fandom world. The Twihards and Beliebers are seen as hysterical teenage girls who are blind to quality, and sometimes I really think the people on the opposing end of the spectrum do go a bit far in their insults. You wouldn’t dare to admit anymore that you like Twilight or Bieber if you want to be seen as a reasonable rational adult. You’d be much better off geeking over a children’s book like Harry Potter, and still win more respect for that.

On an entirely digressional note, the 1World music festival, which was supposed to be held nearby at roughly the same time, was cancelled. Reason given? The religious leaders who blessed the Grand Prix concert forgot to walk over to the other side to bless the 1World performance location, so the show couldn’t go on.

No, I assure you, Singapore’s a secular nation. It’s so secular that we have to ensure that every religious leader from each of our recognised ethnic groups has performed their respective ritual in order to ensure equality for all.

However! I have heard an alternative reason for the cancellation. Apparently 1World made all these bold promises of M-Flo, Snoop Dogg, etcetera, without actually confirming with them in person! Apparently 1 of the entertainers Tweeted that he had no idea why he was cited to be a performer when he knew nothing about it. But 1World has come out to say that these speculations are false, and it was really the whole religious leader thing. Not as if either reason was really better than the other.

Quite a mess of musical gossip today, but the moral of the story is: concerts have their fun and their ugly sides.


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