iPhone 5-and-a-half is Out!

That’s old news by now, I know. And I bet you just have to guess to realise that the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are taking the world by storm, yet again. Apple seems to be releasing these “Current Version Plus” models on a regular basis now, with the “not really iPhone 5” iPhone 4S and now the “not really iPhone 6” iPhone 5S and 5C. Why do they do that? What sets these versions apart from the next number? I’d appreciate anyone who could enlighten me on that.

From what I know (as an Android user), the iPhone 5S and 5C both boast colours now, which is such a great thing and our older phones totally never had colours before and this is a great invention pioneered by Apple. The 5S has gold, silver and grey rings around its buttons and frame edges. Probably only the golden model is noticeably different from a normal iPhone 5. As for the 5C, it positively comes in an explosion of bright pastel colours such as green, blue and red. Has Apple decided to take after Google’s work culture?

Another exciting difference, which I find more interesting, is the introduction of the iPhone 5S’ fingerprint lock system. Just press your finger on the button at any orientation and you can unlock your phone, make purchases, etcetera! You no longer have to waste time and risk carpal tunnel syndrome unlocking your phones with a password lock everytime.

What’s also funny, though, is that immediately someone came up with a video on how to hack into such a system, which involves photographing the fingerprint on a piece of glass, then using a laser printer and wood glue to replicate it. You should see the site; the commenters were all divided over whether this technique would even faze them. I mean, who would really bring a laser printer and glue out on the streets, ready to steal fingerprints (and if they did manage to get the fingerprints, there would still be the next step of getting the phone). But I hear Apple has already fielded many questions, such as whether criminals could now cut off the owner’s finger and use it to unlock their phones, and they also mentioned that the iPhone detected the sub-dermal layer of the finger’s skin or something so it was more hack-resistant than conventional fingerprinting locks. It seems this iPhone isn’t 100% safe yet still, but it gets plus points for convenience.

And I think every criminal dreams of cutting the fingers of all sorts of people. It would be so easy to get through customs then.

Well, I do like the idea of adding vibrant colours to my phone, and I might make the switch to iPhone just to see what the fuss is all about. Then again, Android’s been doing very well, and at least there’re many more brands than simply Apple, all offering products that look different from one another. Okay, mildly different at least. I’m really eager to find out what my next phone will look like.


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