Is Nationality A Genre?

I saw a chart the other day about what Pokémon type you are based on the genre of the songs you like. Let me see if I can stick the chart up here.


Of course I am a proud pure Fairy-type (Dragons beware!), but I got a little peeved that J-pop and K-pop were classified together under the same type. Anyone can tell that Japanese music and Korean music are so very different!

Or can they?

The 19 other types listed in this chart all seemingly refer to English music, and they’re so varied that I can’t tell what most of them are supposed to represent. And yet of the myriad of representations English music has, “J-pop” and “K-pop” have to share a single type. Even though much of J-pop might belong as soft rock or teen pop, and much of K-pop really encompasses disco, they’re still the “outliers” of the bunch. Though of course looking closely, I also see Britpop and UK garage/bass listed in there, so maybe it’s not even the language of the music that matters, it’s the nationality.

Though if you ask me, I’d say these genres are divided into fanbase. The fanbase of J-pop and K-pop are imagined to be the same kind as those into teen pop and twee, whatever it is. The image comes to mind of prepubescent raving fangirls getting into the next trend, who will finally mature and settle down into the other more “respectable” genres. People who like Britpop are probably also seen as eccentric by the Americans (likely to be the target audience of these gross classifications), therefore they fall into a category of their own as well. So the music that you listen to and like determine your identity just as strongly as the clothes that you wear. It’s interesting what the “Normal” type represents here.

But of course, no one ever said that J-pop is a synonym for “Japanese music”. Pop is itself a genre, and J-pop can really specifically mean the top 10 songs on Oricon charts every week. What kind of songs are those? Well the top 3 for this week are:

1.  EXILE Pride ~Konna Sekai wo Aisurutame~ by Exile

2. Time Machine nante Iranai by Maeda Atsuko

3. Galaxy Supernova by Girls’ Generation

So for all Vocaloid fans, you aren’t really J-pop fans, you know.

So what type are you? Are you perhaps dual-typed or even triple-typed? Have you “evolved” into a different type over the years?


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