PS4 and XBox One

I was looking around for news to talk about today, and I stumbled on many articles about the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. I was debating whether to bring it in, since it’s rather old news already, but it seems the articles are still pouring forth, and the consoles are only released in November after all. There’s still enough time for Exalted Salvation to jump right in on the action.

So what’s new about those 2? It’s really just the people from Sony talking a lot. The latest news has them talking about how the competition is a marathon rather than a sprint, but their PS4 will emerge the victor. And it does a brief recap of how the Playstation had been doing in the past. And of course we also know that Microsoft is not losing out in this war. It’s changing many of its unfavourable Xbox One policies, such as the internet connection requirement and the region locks. This reminds me of that Public Relations lecture I came out from just last night, where an organisation takes part in 2-way symmetric communication — taking into account public feedback to change the organisation and maintain the beneficial relationship. Kudos to the Microsoft team for that.

… Except of course it didn’t really solve any problem it seems, judging from the comments below the article. People are still furious over certain features of the Xbox One, and they are more furious now that Microsoft seems to switch its policies around so readily, and what if they switch back again? I highly doubt they will do so though, since such an action will really be an obvious disregard for customer feedback.

But while everyone’s still fuming over consoles, why don’t I point you guys to another console to express your outrage over?

Presenting… the Nintendo 2DS!

It’s the newest member of the family, closely related to the 3DS and able to play all its games, minus the 3-D viewing (which you can set to 0 on your 3DS anyway) and minus the cool, flashy colours. It comes in a remarkable array of 2 colours, red and blue, and is flat, fat and unfoldable to boot. The only benefit to it is that it is cheap, about USD$40 cheaper than the 3DS and USD$70 cheaper than the 3DS XL. It can play all 3DS games, but adds nothing of its own. However, if I’m not wrong, the 2DS also allows the additional function of walking diagonally. Imagine! You can now walk diagonally over tall grass in Pokémon X/Y! Totally adds to your gameplay experience.

Thanks for offering an alternative that lets everyone know the buyer is cheapskate.

This console releases in just over 8 days. That’s 1 week and 1 day before you can get your hands on that bulky thing that takes up so much space in your bag. And because it’s unfoldable, you may accidentally press some buttons while it’s in your bag, such as Flee when you encounter a Xerneas.

That said, I really liked the previous products that Nintendo came up with. I like the GameBoy, as well as the DS when it came out. Touch screen had been a pretty big thing at the time, and with the 3DS we first came in contact with 3-D without the glasses. Nintendo has often been 1 step ahead when it comes to innovations, and I suppose in the future walking diagonally will really be useful and I’ll have regretted this entry.


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