Diet Another Day

Once or twice I’ve looked at my increasingly thickening arms and contemplated dieting, but after much discouragement from others and the temptations that come with hunger, I’ve decided to let nature take its course for now and eat whenever and whatever I feel like. However, I do respect the people out there who follow a dieting regime with self-discipline. It seems, however, that for dieting to be a success, there are certain factors that have to be in play.

1. You cannot do it for anybody but yourself.

If you wish to diet, it should not be to please your foul-mouthed husband/wife or to get more friends, because most of the time people will treat you the same way whatever your body weight. However, you’re more likely to be satisfied with your weight loss if you do it as a personal goal for health reasons or to make yourself feel good. There is a great sense of accomplishment in attaining a challenging goal, and weight loss is no different!

2. Do it slowly!

The faster your weight drops, the faster it will regain itself once your dieting regime stops, unless you wish to carry on indefinitely. Experts have said that it is undesirable to lose more than 1 to 2 pounds a week, because if your weight drastically drops, your body enters into “famine mode” and slows down its metabolism in order to shore up fats for you to survive! Isn’t your body self-sacrificial and caring? Your body loves you, so you have to love your body too and not give it such a scare. Dieting and exercising all have to be done in moderation in order to survive the long term.

3. Have an endpoint.

There is no end to weight loss. You’re always bound to find someone lighter and bonier than you are. Do you know that our bone structures are not fixed either? Once we lose weight, our bones seem to magically shrink inwards as well. So maybe in certain circumstances there is really no such thing as “big-boned”. So once we’re thinner, we may find more places in our body that seem out of proportion, and then have to work on fixing those. It’s like sculpting a model; it can be so hard to make a perfect figure. And do you know what’s the cool part? If you look around, you may find some people with strange folds in their skin, like a double chin even though the person’s not plump enough for it. It’s because the skin hasn’t gotten used to this sudden weight loss, so your skin, like your clothes, is becoming too loose for you. Quite unnatural-looking, yes. What you can do now is exercise, though, and there’ll be some muscle mass to grow into place so your skin looks more strapping.

But wrinkles will also form in much the same way, and I doubt talking a lot really relieves those.

But yeah, losing weight is an arduous process, much like studying for examinations, where things can backfire at any time. Having a support network is always useful. As for myself, I want to focus on eliminating fats in some areas and growing them in others, but that sounds almost impossible considering my failed Art/modelling skills.

I’ve heard that nowadays ladies, or maybe the younger girls, have an obsession with the thigh gap, where if you stand straight there should be a gap between your thighs. Sounds like bow-legged people have an advantage here. I don’t really need a thigh gap, but it’s true that my thighs ripple when I walk, and there’re some ladies with skin-tight jeans that show off just how unbelievably thin their legs are.

Maybe… maybe I really should get to exercising.


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