Pokemon X and Y

Today is the grand release of the Pokémon X and Y games. They have been heavily anticipated, mainly because of some of the Mega forms of Pokémon we know and love, which some people say parody Digimon digivolutions, as well as the fact that we can get first-gen starter Pokémon in the games (and watch them Mega-evolve). A smaller subset of the gaming population are psyched about the new Fairy-type Pokémon and the new legendaries. Of course, no real man would say outright that he wants to capture some Fairy Pokémon.

But yes, since the new generation of Pokémon is now in our midst, I must spend a while getting myself up-to-date on what the games have to offer.

First of all, as with what I’ve said, Mega evolutions. They’re apparently temporary evolutions during battles with the use of some items, and make the Pokémon more powerful, or even of a different type. Notable ones will be like Mega Kangaskhan, where the baby pops out of the mother’s stomach pouch (or whatever you call that thing; probably them Australians will know best about their marsupials). Everyone’s also really excited about Mega Charizard X, which, unlike Mega Charizard Y, is black-and-blue and a Fire/Dragon instead of a wimpy Fire/Flying. And it also does not have spines growing from its body. I’m happy to note a Mega Houndoom, which looks kinda good, even though it has white fur growing everywhere and its horns look a bit more like Nicol Bolas’ now.

The funniest, I would say, is Mega Alakazam. It has clothes now and really looks like an old loony psychic.

But yes, I’m tempted to get Y now for the Mega Houndoom, and yet I notice you can also get a Mega Heracross in there, and Mega Heracross is simply… indescribable. And not in a good way. Moving on now.

Second, Fairy-types! Pokémon X/Y now has a large number of candy Pokémon, such as Spritzee (the perfume Pokémon), Swirlix (the cotton candy Pokémon) and Klefki (the key ring Pokémon). Wait, Klefki? Yes, you got that right. Klefki is a Steel/Fairy key-ring Pokémon. The kind you thread your keys around. Xerneas itself is a Fairy-type, but for good reason, due to that mysterious aura it radiates. Many existing Pokémon have also been changed to Fairy-type. Mr Mime now is a Psychic/Fairy, and so are Snubbull, Mawile and Whimsicott. Fairy Pokémon are strong against Dragon-types (probably the number of Ice Pokémon in competitive play will decrease now) but weak to Poison, I believe. I don’t know, aren’t fairies resistant to poisoning? Then again, the main cause of fairy death is probably poisoning, and other kinds of complex dark magic. But of course, as everyone knows, Jigglypuff is also a Fairy-type, and can stand on its own against a Dragonite now.

Thirdly, the new legendaries! We have Xerneas and Yveltal, our poster boys. Xerneas is a stag with crystal-clear antlers that reflect sunlight in a prismatic way, and apparently its eyes have criss crosses in them, like X. Yveltal is the wyvern that spreads its wings out in a Y shape when it flies. It’s Dark/Flying, and I’m always glad when a notable legendary is Dark-type. Aside from them, there is also Zygarde. I… really can’t say what it is, except that it’s Dragon/Ground, which is a boring type combination. It’s supposedly the Order Pokémon, but doesn’t look like a senate at all. In fact it looks truly hideous, and the green and black totally don’t go well together. We only have 3 new legendaries this time, but Mewtwo will be back, in its X and Y Mega forms. Why? I don’t know. I think no one is really as thrilled about it as Game Freak had hoped, though. It doesn’t look aesthetically better in its Mega forms.

What else is there to look forward to in the games? Why, you get to Mega-evolve your own appearance, too! There are now 3 customisable appearances you can choose from in each gender. Do not fear looking like May, or Dawn, or any of the anime characters again! You get to decide your hair colour, skin tone, outfit and accessories! Not only that, you also get to take part in a new type of battles known as Sky Battles. They can only happen with Flying Pokémon, and probably have great graphics a la Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs. Next is the Horde Battle, where you face off against many Pokémon at once, kinda like Mystery Dungeon.

Another important feature is the ability to ride certain Pokémon in some areas. Don’t you look forward to riding your new beloved Gogoat around the city? Yeah, not me.


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