Kyoukai no Kanata and BlazBlue

I’m no hardcore anime fan, and there haven’t been many anime up my alley this season, but I have watched the first episodes of both Kyoukai no Kanata and BlazBlue respectively. You guys should have read my previous entry on all the fall season anime, so I’ll delve right into these two.

First of all, Kyoukai no Kanata reminds me so much of Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai. There are big weapons in a modern-day school setting, a cute socially awkward girl with short hair who meets a normal boy, and a gentle pleasant sort of music to its opening song. Of course, the art is simply impeccable as well. One thing about KyoAni anime is that their plots are light, and intentionally so, before going into emotional subject matter that leave people with astounded tears, such as after watching Chuunibyou, Clannad and to some extent Free!. It’s something to watch if you want a stress-free environment, with no violence.

And this show does it just fine. You get awesome fantasy weapons and a cute girl who wields it, but to no avail because she doesn’t fight real demons! And the male lead is a guy who’s half-demon but also half-human so he doesn’t die to the demon banishing weapon. And you get the stereotypical “mage families” who hold “territories” that other mages should not trespass. It’s a strange mix of Fate/Zero plus a dash of comedy.

Oh did I mention how cute the girl is?

I must admit that my heart leaped when I saw her. She has a cute bob and large red glasses (the male lead admits a fetish for glasses) and the glasses really are amazing. They perch precariously on her tiny nose, and when she stares out through them you just want to squee. The show is made so much better with that wonderful character design. And of course I’m looking forward to a budding romance between the two. In fact, that’s pretty much the point of the show.

Nothing can be further than BlazBlue, where the point of the show is… not evident at first. I get that this is a fighting game, and Faylan sings a rather good opening, but the fight scenes aren’t anything epic yet, and really, what I’m enjoying from this first episode is the art. The characters are drawn pretty well, especially Rachel Alucard’s hair. It’s nothing special, but I just love her hair. And the green-haired Hazuma with his top hat. Ever since D.Gray-Man I’ve always loved top hats. And Hazuma seems almost like Tyki, except that I really prefer green hair compared to blue.

But overall, the episode starts out normally, almost stereotypically. You have the conventional scenes introducing different characters, and the “boss battles”, where Ragna beats one guy then moves on to the next, stronger one. I’m looking forward to the promising cute characters featured in the ending, though, especially the one that looks to be all clad in pink. In a manly show like this one, having a dash of cuteness makes me feel all that much better. Tao was cute with her cat tics, but her boobs were a bit jarring. I do still look forward to seeing her again though!

Sadly, I haven’t gone on to watch Episode 2 of Kyoukai no Kanata yet. I shall do so soon, no doubt. Cuteness rules this season!


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