Dubstep, Afterword

Some time ago I wrote an entry on dubstep, but at the time I had not much idea of what I was talking about. I hadn’t really heard many songs with dubstep then. However, months later, I feel more qualified to write about it now, having had some experience of dubstep, or at least in 2 songs that left a more distinct impression in my mind.

The first song I heard was the Ylvis one themed around dubstep. It’s called “Someone Like Me” and I would recommend Ylvis fans to check it out (though really, Ylvis only has 3 noteworthy videos, so any Ylvis fans would probably have seen it already anyway). The video has sudden moments of dubstep between its ballad verses, and form quite the contrast. An interesting watch, though I do prefer Stonehenge.

The second song is one of the rare English songs that I considered listening to again. It’s not as fun as Down, but it’s also rather popular, so most of you would know it by now. It is Clarity by Zedd (if I’m not wrong). People love it, so I heard it once or twice when people played it in the background. I thought it sounded pretty great, all relaxing and… well, relaxing isn’t the word for it. Soulful? Soulful’s the sort of word you use to describe music that you’re unsure of how else to describe. It’s interesting that this word really only works with music. But yes, the soulfulness of Clarity got to me, so yesterday I went and watched the video by myself to see how it sounded in full. And it turned out the song has a lot of dubstep in it. I’m not sure if I got the video wrong, but the entire song seemed to be peppered with dubstep.

I finally understood the annoying nature of dubstep. It reached a stage where I wished the dubstep would just go away.

So what is dubstep? I can now provide my personal definition of it. Dubstep is a bit like disco beats, except they’re a bit more bass and sometimes slower. Yeah, that’s about it, really.

There are songs where dubstep would probably be suitable, and there are songs (as Someone Like Me illustrated) where dubstep is plainly abrupt and unnecessary. Most of these songs can be classified as “soulful”. Most of these songs are songs that I would have liked very much.

Dubstep has been laughed at by many people for being arbitrary and uncreative, and I’m inclined to agree with this crowd now. Give us good heavy beats, please, like J-rock (my biases are leaking through again, I know). I never thought I would say this, but give us some songs that don’t obviously pander to the mainstream once in a while.


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