Anime Festival Asia!

I rarely insert needless exclamation marks into my blog entry titles, but I felt today is the right time, because I’m talking about the most thrilling anime event in Southeast Asia, the annual Anime Fest Asia, also known as AFA! AFA just gets better and more exciting every year, and one of its main attractions is its Anisong concerts. The 3-day event has about 4 stars performing every night, and frantic fans are known to spend $300+ for a 3-day VIP ticket, which gives you front seats, lightsticks and an autographed poster by one of the stars on each night. And in the daytime, there’re massive exhibitions and stage events, with seiyuu and show producers coming up to talk. I can hardly keep still on my seat just thinking of the great stuff going on. It can be said that anime fans blow hundreds of dollars on this event alone, and are very pitifully broke for weeks afterward.

For more information, do visit the AFA website, which has comprehensive information of everything that’s happening on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There’s so much to talk about I simply don’t know where to start.

I guess I’ll begin by saying I will be going on Saturday only, due to lack of money and time, and maybe also that I’m not as hardcore as some others. Saturday’s concert is awesome but not particularly exciting — it’s got the seiyuu team from Milky Holmes (yes, they can sing, so it seems), Aoi Eir, LiSA and May’n. Among them, I only love Aoi Eir and LiSA, and I’ve seen LiSA twice before, so the only surprise I’m expecting is Aoi Eir. However, since there are so few artistes that night, I’m hoping all of them get more chances to sing, which can only be a good thing. Additionally, both Friday and Sunday outshadow Saturday’s line-up enormously. Friday’s line-up is the Egoist crew and Sunday’s line-up are the Valvrave singers: Elisa, Angela, T M Revolution and Mizuki Nana. The mere thought of T M Revolution and Mizuki Nana is sending trembly vibes among fans, and I hear speculation that Mizuki Nana autographed posters are going to go on the black market. With this in mind, Saturday should see a much smaller crowd, I hope, and thus give me more standing space.

Valvrave is expectedly the big thing this year, with 2 seiyuu from the show coming as well. They aren’t very famous though (I believe one of them is Kimura Ryohei who voiced L-elf). What excites me more is the appearance of Urobochi Gen, the man behind Fate/Zero, Psycho-Pass, Madoka and Suisei no Gargantia. Sword Art Online and Shingeki no Kyojin are also going to see some attention, especially when a Colossal Titan head is going to shipped in from Japan — life-size!

Admittedly, I don’t know why SAO is seeing the limelight yet again. Nothing new has been happening with regards to this anime this year. Is this some kind of foreshadowing of its return next year? I don’t remember seeing any mention of it just yet. Perhaps it just left such a lasting memory on viewers that AFA thought it would be profitable to let it come back.

I realise I’ve no idea what my readers really want me to talk about. The maid and butler café? The special guests? More about the concert singers? I don’t think there’s anything much to say till I’ve returned from the trip, but really, don’t just sit here waiting for me to report back. Go for the event too! It’s just $10 to poke your head around the exhibition, and $20 if you want to watch the stage events as well. And just $88 will get you into these places and the concert. It’s not what I’d call value for money, but it may be your only chance to catch your favourite singers.

See you there!


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