Top News of the World: Fluffy Rabbits

I was scrolling through a bunch of news, wondering which to feature in today’s entry. There was the Messiah news in Singapore, about a person (or persons) wearing the Guy Fawkes mask and hacking into a number of government websites. There was the wealth and income inequality in the USA. There was a tourist guidebook published by the Chinese government advising its citizens on what etiquette to observe when they travel. And then there are fluffy rabbits.

Yes, these photographs depict the fluffiest rabbits in the world, and by gosh they’ve lost their rabbit features in order to accommodate more “fluffy”. They look just like a furball with slit eyes and a nose and a mouth. Granted, there’s no doubt their fur was blown up before the photograph was taken, probably with a bunny hair dryer. But good grief they sure can be used as cushions.

That said, rabbits are known to be easily stressed animals, and none of those rabbits in the photos were smiling. In fact, such abnormalities are rarely very cosy, and the rabbits probably will not live too long with the weight of their fur and the possible blistering heat during warm weather. Or they may just die of stress from the photo taking and the unwanted attention.

Then again, I suppose rabbits have their right to beauty too. It’s just like women piercing their ears and putting on makeup or tattooing themselves to look prettier. We have designer poodles that were bred to have their hair styled up in various forms. Speaking of which, I’d like to sidetrack to say that Furfrou is absolutely gorgeous and if I ever play X/Y I’d quit being a trainer and just settle in a cottage by the river raising and patting my Furfrou all day.

I don’t have much liking for bunnies myself. I’m a dog person. But I must admit, I can see why some pets are that much more attractive than others. Some birds, with their feathers clipped, look rather neat and intelligent. Fish born with excellently positioned markings are quite highly sought after too, sometimes for luck (such as the famed luo han fish which had lucky numbers on their bodies — or indistinguishable markings) and other times just because they are too beautiful to pass up. And then they are slaughtered for their skin to be used to decorate something else. Just saying. Maybe it’s not so good to be liked.

And then there’re other animals that’re so ugly they’re beautiful. Animals like the pit bull, the Rottweiler, or the weasel, or various other snub-nosed animals, are so ugly they’re cute. I currently haven’t met a person who’s so ugly they’re beautiful yet, but I’ve been assured that such exist. The poor folk are the normal-looking ones, be it animals or people, who look just like the standard fellow on the street.

If you wanted to be placed in a list of the world’s top 20, what trait would you like to be known for? Dirtiest fingernails? Brightest teeth? Best fashion sense?


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