Exalted Salvation’s Anime Beauty Pageant

Welcome, everybody, to the most prestigious contest of the Exalted Salvation Show, the Cutest Anime Girl Pageant! Today, I’m going to present you with a series of cute anime girls, and you get to vote to determine the winner! Presenting our first contender!

1. Kuriyama Mirai


Mirai is probably already a winner in my eyes, but this girl from Kyoukai no Kanata has red glasses that perfectly match her wonderful hair. Even her personality is cute, such as the way she takes off her glasses and wipes them desperately while stammering whenever she’s lying. Such a clumsy but powerful girl!

2. Shiina Mayuri


If not for Mirai, Mayuri would have taken the cake for Cutest Anime Girl. She comes from Steins;Gate, the hotbed anime of lovable characters, and her “tu turu” is the reason why I like Hanazawa Kana today. If Mirai and Mayuri are somehow merged to form a super-cute duo, I would love it so much. That said, even though Mirai’s the cutest in my eyes, I must say Mayuri has a much more preferred personality. She is mature and wise beyond her eyes, and shows so much bravery and strength even in the face of difficulties.

3. Sasaki Chiho


Fans of Hataraku Maou-sama, the un-funny comedy of a devil king who ends up working in a fast food restaurant, will probably recognise his irresistibly cute colleague, Chiho. This picture shows nothing of her greatest appeal to audiences, which is her unbelievably large set of breasts. Her breasts are so big they’re a joke in themselves (but no I’m not laughing).

You may think I have a rather bad impression of her. I kinda do from the show, but her image has been salvaged when I saw this picture in the ending, together with Nano.Ripe’s beautiful voice.


This is gorgeous. And for that she is one of top 5 cute anime girls.

4. Victorique de Blois


Victorique is the female lead from Gosick, known for her top-notch detecting skills and also her tsundere personality. She likes to puff out her face when she’s angry, and rolls around on the floor when she’s bored. Not only that, she also has a wonderful dress, with all its Victorian laces and frills. The previous 3 girls had had short hair, but this is definitely a long-haired beauty and all-around cutie.

5. Road Kamelot


Road Kamelot wouldn’t really be what I call “cute” at first glance, and yet there is a quality about her that I can’t find another word for. I like Road, and she is one of my top 10 favourite D.Gray-Man characters. Her voice especially is done really well, thanks to singer Shimizu Ai. She’s probably one of the best singers in the show, apart from maybe Kobayashi Sanae (it’s a pity Itou Shizuka never got to sing as Lenalee, or as Lero), and her cuteness only makes her evil more terrifying. Road is the most powerful and most senior Noah, and her apparent youth only makes it even more significant.

So be the judge! Which anime girl do you find cutest, and who do you wish was on the list?


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