The Power of Photography

I just saw hundreds and hundreds of fireflies, forming shimmering streaks in the forest. It was like the entire forest was filled with these magical yellow bugs, lighting up the different corners to form a bright and merry procession.

And yet no such scene ever took place in any one instance of time.

This is an example of what is termed composite photography — the compiling of many many photographs over a time lapse, like a few hours. So in one shot you may have only 1 or 2 fireflies, then in the next shot another few at another corner, and you just superimpose them together to form the whole thing.

I was mentioning only a few weeks back (or was it only last week?) that travel photographs are the best way to experience travel. You can talk on and on about the beautiful sights you saw, but they aren’t real without pics to show it “happened”. And with such nifty camera tricks, photographs can tell more than just the tale.

I was also reading a review on the camera of the HTC One M8. No I’ve no intention of changing my phone, or buying something as expensive as this, but basically the review was all about great photographs. That phone has depth perception lenses that create a bokeh effect (bokeh means out-of-focus blurring of the background), and their snapshots have such high quality colour resolution and definition that my camera at home cannot even match up to. In the hands of competent (or even normal, average) photographers, you can make a scene look better than it really is. Technology is wondrously miraculous.

For a look at the fireflies, visit this site. You need a National Geographic account, though, but I believe the photograph can be seen for free on the NatGeo Facebook.

And if you’re considering a HTC One M8, the review and splashy images are here.


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