Once in a while I’ll find myself humming some tune from the past, and I’ll take some time to remember just where the tune came from, and when I do remember, it brings back memories of the first time I heard it, how old I was then, and various other things that happened during that time period. It happens a lot for UVERworld and LM. C, 2 bands that have seen a dip in activity these few years (LM. C, for example, only released 1 album and 1 single last year, and released 1 album this year). Usually at such times, I’ll lament how their recent songs sound like sub-standard versions of their songs in the past, and then I’ll start to wonder, do all bands inevitably face a drop in quality after some time?

It seems to be some kind of pattern with me. I’ll discover a cool band, listen to their past songs and think they’re awesome, look forward to their next single or album, think it’s the greatest thing ever, and then somehow the subsequent songs seem to drop in quality. Flow’s latest album seems to be a drop in quality compared to their previous one. UVERworld’s Life 6 Sense seems to be a drop in quality compared to LAST. And the recent songs by LM. C sound terrible compared to a few years ago. Do they honestly think that they have changed for the better, or that they didn’t really change at all? Is it a problem with me instead?

I’m a faithful fangirl type. No matter how sucky a band I like becomes, I find it hard to tear away from them completely. But it’s hard to continue being a fan when their new songs fail to excite me anymore.

Most Japanese bands have a “best of” album, where they basically insert tracks over the years that have been popular. UVERworld had a “Neo Sound Best”, Flow had one storing all their anime hits, SID had 2 albums of all their best B-side songs, and LM. C has one too. I never appreciated the value of these “best of” albums before, because why pay for a new album that has only old songs? As the years go by, though, I realise the potency of nostalgia. New songs may be good in their own ways, but they simply don’t match up to the epicness of the old ones. And having 1 album that conveniently collects all your favourites is convenient when you just want to spend an hour or so listening to the good stuff, the tried-and-tested, the proven hits.

Another fact I must learn to accept is that the celebrities I like will fall out of favour someday. I have reached the stage where my favourite people are slowly fading out (Irino Miyu, Koike Teppei etc) and it’s time to be open-minded and look out for new celebs to support and look forward to. However, it’s just as important not to forget the people I used to like. After all, every one of these celebrities has played a part in one stage of my life. They had occupied my thoughts, been proudly paraded, and have provided solace when I needed it. Fangirling is never about replacement, but addition.

And now I shall embrace a new generation of people to add to my life story.


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