When I think of Alaska, I think of Huskies. Or Alsatians. Or any of those big hairy dogs. I think of snow-capped hill slopes. That’s the limit of my imagination when it comes to that place, which is situated at the northwest of North America. Did you know that Alaska used to belong to Russia? The Americans bought it from Russia in 1867 for $7.2 million. Alaska is also the largest state in the United States by area, but the fourth least populous. It seems to be a place mostly consisting of nature, basically, untouched by human hands.

Despite the image we get from the movies about the place being snowy and a paradise for dogs, it actually does get warm sometimes, though by warm it means about 16 to 21 degrees Celsius. Not only that, it’s also a good place for travel. There’s something to be said about viewing scenery that comes about in places with cold weather. Tropical places do not usually have much scenery to speak of — no fjords or glaciers. We do have sparkling seas by the beach, of course, but so do temperate countries in summer. So when one goes to Alaska, one must appreciate the “misty fjords”, “ginormous pansies”, seaside towns and the popular Mendenhall Glacier. And the most awesome part is that you get to play with Alaskan Husky puppies at the Skagway Mushing Camp. Yes, those same faithful canines you see in movies like Snow Dogs!

Speaking of movies, there is an entire list of movies set in this special place, whether in part or in full, including things like The Simpsons Movie and Resident Evil: Afterlife. After seeing some of the pictures taken in this article, maybe you’ll come up with some inspiration for a film there too.


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