Blowing Things Up, Legally

They say that boys like destruction and girls like creation, and this is embodied in their choice of toys. Well it seems that boys, even after they’re full grown, still like seeing things shattering to bits, even buildings. I’ve just come across an article listing the top 10 Building Implosion Videos on YouTube, which are basically videos of buildings being demolished by various explosives, such as the Metrodome in Minneapolis, which was imploded last week with 80 000 tons of material left over. Apparently it was rated as the worst stadium in the USA by Time magazine, so it was probably about time.

There are really all kinds of “top 10 YouTube video” lists around, aren’t there? Also, I didn’t realise Time magazine goes around doing things like rating stadiums.

I haven’t seen any of the videos yet, because as a representative of the fairer sex I don’t particularly fancy seeing buildings blow up. However, do tell me if any of the videos are particularly good!

I do wonder, though, why people get all psyched over demolitions and large explosions in general, and also gunshots. They’re probably loud and smoky, and don’t often result in a beautiful sight. And yet so many video games and movies feature these violent elements. And the bigger the target is, the better it is to blow up.

My blog entries lately are getting shorter and shorter. Perhaps you can replace your blog reading time today with watching those videos.


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