Weird News Around The World Again!

Everyone loves hearing about weird (but true) stuff happening. I’ll dive in again without further ado on what’s weird in the world!

1. A whale carcass set to explode

This piece of news was found on 2 different websites (Huffington Post and NBC) so I figured it must be important. And indeed, this is no laughing matter. A dead blue whale was washed up on the coast of a town in Canada, and is filling with toxic gases, causing it to swell. People are fearing it may burst, sending toxic substances everywhere. Right now it’s stinking, and people have asked the government for help, but they say affairs like this are the matter of the municipal or provincial authorities.

Affairs like this. As if an 81-foot-long corpse of an endangered animal is something that happens everyday. The town officials have no means to dispose of this swelling thing, and I don’t think it’s going to attract a lot of business hanging around there.

2. Woman Caught Stealing Toy Duck From A Toddler’s Grave

Kleptomaniacs tend to be the butt of jokes in many sitcoms, partly because some of them can be quite ludicrous in reality too (no offence to them, of course. I perfectly understand that this is a troubling condition). A woman was recently caught by police for stealing a toy duck that was left at the grave of a 14-month-old boy. This isn’t the first time she’s been stealing toys and lights from this boy’s grave, either.

She’s going to plead not guilty, claiming that she saw a dog in the area and feared the dog would take the toy away (so she got to it first). However, no dog was spotted by surveillance cameras.

3. Teacher Kisses Pig To Reward Students

The deputy head of a primary school in Hubei, China, kissed a 20 kg pig, as promised, to reward his students for not littering for a month.

The poor pig, however, made no such promise.

I have a lot to say about the kind of incentive you give children to do good deeds (will they continue not to litter, or must he kiss bovines every month for the rest of his life?), but he maintains that he is not the first teacher to be doing this. According to him, there was a similar case in the United States where a primary school teacher promised to kiss a pig if his pupils did well in their maths exams. Did that teacher actually fulfil the promise? We only have this guy’s word for it. Unfortunately, right now he still maintains the spot as the single most pathetic teacher.

4. Photographer Photoshops Himself Into His Girlfriend’s Childhood Photographs

I swear I have nothing against the Chinese, but they do have a knack for getting themselves into the news.

So this Chinese wedding photographer decided to do something special to mark his fourth anniversary with his girlfriend. He Photoshopped himself into his girlfriend’s childhood photographs. So imagine looking at a photo of you in kindergarten. And then right beside you is your boyfriend making some stupid pose. Your boyfriend as an adult, not kindergarten age.

This one deserves a link.

I wish there were more snapshots to see, but I think these are enough to crack me up.

Videos of the other 3 news can also be found on the internet. I didn’t view them, though, with my disdain for videos. You can search them up if you like.


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