The Pixar Theory

I recently saw on Facebook yet another “Pixar conspiracy” secret thing, this time about A113. The word A113 has appeared on many animations (this time not just Pixar, but things like the Simpsons are also included) as car numberplates, serial numbers and the like. It turns out to have a rather mundane reason, that A113 is the name of the classroom where most animators learned their craft. I will not go further into it here.

Facebook, being an expert on drawing relations, linked me to another older article on the Pixar theory, which has sprouted about the internet ever since the release of Brave. Basically people are proclaiming that all the Pixar movies have been set in the same universe all along, with Brave being the first stage in the timeline, and all narrate an ongoing story. I do not believe a word of this, but it is interesting, as all fandom theories are (such as the Pokémon coma theory).

For those not in the know, I shall describe the theory for you here.

1. We start off with Brave in the Dark Ages, where Merida discovers the magic of the will of the wisps, and also finds a witch. In the witch’s den, animals and inanimate objects behave like humans, and the witch seemingly disappears through wooden doors (now in which movie have you seen something to do with travelling through doors before?). In her den, there is a wooden block on the shelf with a carving that looks like Sully from Monsters Inc! (aha, travelling through doors to scare children!)

2. Next in the timeline is the Incredibles, where we see the first sign of machines taking over humans. Think Syndrome (the bad guy) being wiped out eventually by the Omnidroid when it becomes sentient. (also, this brings to mind another movie about machines disobeying the wishes of their human masters, hmm)

3. Third comes Toy Story, where toys become alive due to Syndrome’s Zero Point technology thing that gives energy to inanimate objects. They also gain energy from interacting with humans, as we know. Then in Toy Story 2 we see toys starting to resent humans for abandoning them. Also, in Toy Story 2, there is a scene where Flik and Heimlich from A Bug’s Life were climbing up a branch. Even the credits reported so.

4. Finding Nemo continues the trend of sentient animals, who even have things like a school and an underwater freeway. Dory is strangely forgetful. There are 2 different theories as to why that is. 1 is that she was caught and experimented on by humans. 2 is that animals are evolving to become intelligent and she was somehow left behind. So in a sense Dory is a normal fish and the other animals are just super-intelligent.

5. In Ratatouille, Remy acts like a human. He stands on 2 legs and, well, fricking cooks. Also he starts to control humans like Linguini who doesn’t know how to do anything.

6. In Toy Story 3, we see war brewing between toys and humans. By the way, on Andy’s desk there is a half-buried letter which has Carl and Ellie’s name on it. Carl and Ellie from Up.

7. In Up, Carl is forced to give up his home for excavation works to a company. Throughout the Pixar franchise, there has been 1 company that is constantly being shown in high profile, and that is Buy ‘n’ Large, also known as BnL. BnL was seen in Toy Story 3. It was also seen to be the sole company taking over the government in Wall.E’s billboard advertisements (aha, Wall.E, yes, that’s the movie about machines disobeying humans). And it would indeed make sense that BnL is the corporation seeking to monopolise the city during Carl’s time (and eventually succeeding during the age of Wall.E). BnL, as speculated, is the product of the Omnidroid after it failed to stop the Incredibles.

8. So the toys rose in power and fought against the humans, and the machines stood on the humans’ side and won. The machines then decided to send humans away while they work on restoring Earth to normal (mm-hm, Wall.E again). And the movie that shows the process of machines living on their own is Cars. There are no humans on Earth in Cars. Oh but maybe Cars was set in an alternate car universe! Then how do you explain them going to places like “Europe” and “Japan” in Cars 2 then? Hmmm?

9. So now we come to Wall.E, the time when machines have destroyed Earth utterly. Wall.E befriends a cockroach, and then decides to bring humans back. So they return and re-populate Earth again! And the pivotal item in the show, the sprout in the shoe, grows up into a big tree.

10. The tree turns out to be significant too, because it is actually the tree in A Bug’s Life! We know that cockroaches existed in Wall.E, so it isn’t a long shot to say that bugs went back to thriving on new Earth. Also, the bugs in the movie live astoundingly long lives, which goes to show they’re mutated futuristic bugs.

11. So how does Monsters Inc fit into all these? Well, the time of the monsters — which are actually mutated animals from the past, like beyond the mutation of A Bug’s Life — has come. The doors that the monsters go through to scare children are actually time travel doors. They take monsters back to the past when humans existed, which is why monsters were trained to be so deathly scared of them, because it’s like altering the past. And now that time travel has come into the picture, things become much more complex.

Do you remember Boo? The girl in Monsters Inc? Well, the only reason that the wood carving in Brave is of Sully is that the witch is actually Boo, all grown up (old). She was obsessed with seeing Sully again, so she studied magic and so she found out that wood is the source of magic (wooden doors, wood from the tree of A Bug’s Life). And so basically throughout the Pixar movies she has been a kind of Amane Suzuha from Steins;Gate, time-travelling away and leaving evidence of her travels with her.

There are a lot of other Easter eggs in the films (such as the Pizza Planet truck, which has appeared in almost every Pixar movie to date), but I didn’t bring them up because they were not peripheral to the theory. In any case, there are of course loopholes, such as the whole deal with animals being able to act like humans (I mean, how else does one tell a story?), and also Cars 2 featuring Earth places. If the cars could exist in a parallel universe, it doesn’t omit the possibility that Europe and Japan could exist in the parallel universe too.

That said, it is an interesting hypothesis. I would dearly like to see how they explain the subsequent movies. What do you think?

Also, the website for it is very nicely laid out (as befits a Pixar animation fan).


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