Anime Endorsement

You would think that using anime to advertise a school, like the Z-kai prep school thing, is a pretty rare occurrence. But increasingly, anime has been used to advertise other products, and I’m not talking about the Taiwanese Photoshopping their instant noodle packets to include Shingeki no Kyojin references.

Recently, Japan has used a group of moe anime girls as mascots for recruitment into its Japan Self-Defence Force (yes, the military). Volunteers increased by 20% after the release of these army-uniform-toting women.

I wonder what those boys will think when they enter and realise it is all an illusion.

On another more relevant note to us public, green tea has recently become moe-fied as well!

Lawson is a popular convenience store in Japan. Convenience stores in Japan, by the way, are really convenient. They sell everything from food to magazines and even offer photocopying services. You can even buy tickets for concerts, or do postal services, in those places.

At any rate, Lawson is teaming up with Idolm@ster to promote their upcoming PS3 game, as well as gain some rep for their green tea. They even launched a promotional illustration of Idolm@ster girls eating chicken nuggets and onigiri. Not to mention the highlight, which is collectible bottles of green tea emblazoned with one of the Idolm@ster girls. Get all 12 today!

With trends like this, who needs real-life celebrities to endorse anything anymore? Just pay a company to draw their anime characters enjoying your products (or enlisting in the army) and you have a ready stream of customers! This works particularly well for influencing males in Japan, who have a x4 weakness to moe. And you don’t get problems of celebrity behaviour damaging your product reputation either. Those ladies will always be pure, well-behaved and charming to the public. At least, till they “age”, also known as the anime ending and fading away from public consciousness. These girls can’t join some new anime to become famous again — their fame is dependent on their show. So this is in a way a short-term measure.

Of course, drawing your own mascots means they’re not tied to any show. But without a show backing them up, simply moe girls also won’t last in the vicious competition of cuteness.

I’d like to see some examples of pretty anime men being used to advertise for a female audience. I’m quite sure I would buy any cosmetic with some pretty anime man on it, looking sultrily at me! Though I draw the line at acne removers. There are many Japanese actors endorsing acne removers, and somehow the effect doesn’t quite work out so well for me.


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