Something New

It’s always good to discover new music. Discovering new music is like discovering new books. The process is uncertain and tentative, and it’s like stepping out of your comfort zone. How would you know the music would be something you like? If a band or artiste isn’t very famous, I tend to think that it can’t be very good. I am absolutely not a fan of indie music after all.

However, sometimes the opportunity arises when I hear of certain new groups. For instance, whenever I hear that new Japanese bands are coming to Singapore, I would take a look at the type of music they play. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad.

3 bands are coming to Singapore for a free-of-charge performance in May. They’re relatively unknown, and although I don’t like them as much as Weaver, One OK Rock or Flumpool, they do offer quite a unique style of their own.

1. Cream

Cream is a 2-member group, a man and a woman. They follow a very American style in their music, which is very refreshing. They have some great rapping, powerful vocals and a strong New York flavour. That, and the man looks like Kohshi in his sunglasses. However, I’ve seen other videos where he doesn’t wear sunglasses, and his eyes are like a traditional Japanese, tiny.

I read their profile on their website, trying to decipher as much of the Japanese as I could. It seems they’re releasing their second album soon, and that the guy’s name is Staxx T and the woman is Minami. Staxx T is a rapper, and Minami was born in Hong Kong. Both of them have written songs for many artistes. Minami has written songs for Kylie Minogue and BoA, for one!

2. Naoto Inti Raymi

Kids, if you ever become a singer, please don’t give yourself a name like Naoto Inti Raymi. It’s lengthy and meaningless and will not help you score any fans.

Naoto Inti Raymi seems to be the name of a single person, who started off being just “Inti Raymi”. He’s a pretty ugly person, but he has travelled the world and acquired the styles of music of many different countries. His voice is pretty gentle, and he sings pretty decent ballads.

He started off in 2010, so is fairly prolific.

3. The Oral Cigarettes

I congratulate them for having not only a suggestive name, but also the most suggestive logo I’ve ever seen of a band, and that’s even including visual kei.

The Oral Cigarettes is a typical rock band, trying to follow in the footsteps of One OK Rock. Their sense of style is not particularly fixed yet, which is why their dress sense is still quite uncoordinated. And gawd, the hair in front of the eyes. So many bands love it. It must be really ticklish.

However, I do not understand why that video must be 7 minutes and 5 seconds long. It is frightfully long for an uninteresting video. Oh I think the video actually comprises 2 songs. 逆恨み小僧 is one song and “mist…” is another. I… couldn’t tell at first.

The camera action is also really shaky and dizzying.

That said, the voice can make it big in the future.


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