Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!

Cheers were had around the geek community recently when it was announced that Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the 3DS remakes of GameBoy Advance games Ruby and Sapphire, would be launching in November of this year. That’s only 6 months away! And like all Pokémon remakes thus far, these games are going to be set in the same world as before with the common third-gen Pokémon, as well as the newer ones that never made it to old Hoenn. The story will also be slightly different, though of course the legendaries remain the same (that said, legendaries from later generations may also appear).

We all know how great Pokémon remakes can be (in fact, HeartGold/SoulSilver is my favourite Pokémon game to date) and Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald were many people’s favourite generation of games (I liked the third generation very much too, myself, including in the anime). It’s a guarantee that people will be swarming to buy them. That said, I will not. Why?

The main reason is that it is still possible to transfer Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Pokémon to your 3DS. GBA cartridges can fit into a DS, and from the DS you can transfer Pokémon to the 3DS. A bit troublesome, but still possible, so you don’t have to train up those Pokémon from scratch. Currently it is still confusing what new changes will be brought to OR/AS, but I’ll await them with anticipation. After all, my favourite Pokémon Mightyena will be in there, waiting for me!

People say the reason Ruby and Sapphire are Omega and Alpha respectively, is because Groudon and Kyogre do have the omega and alpha signs if one looks closely. I have looked closely but seen nothing resembling them. They have marks, sure, but were they really intended to be omega and alpha? And what would Rayquaza be then?

Speaking of which, I do believe Rayquaza’s my favourite legendary too. It’s so… green.

There hasn’t been much speculation or clues yet over what will appear. It will most likely not be a devolution from X/Y, so we should still expect epic 3-D battles. I really really hope we get to have a Pokémon follow us around too, because that was one of the perks of HG/SS. Maybe there’ll be more voice recognition features. I feel like X/Y had so many features that I can’t even imagine what breakthrough will be afoot in the new games. But the Japanese are known for their creativity. Something will happen, I’m sure, to blow my mind to new heights.


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